ACHCA Membership

Join a Community of post-acute and aging services leaders that serve as catalysts for excellence in long-term care. We are a professional membership association dedicated to serving the needs of the Health Care Administrator, the Executive Director, Director of Nursing, Academic, Consultant, and those interested in providing professional leadership development and advocating for quality care, services, and advancements in the long-term care profession.   

What are the benefits of joining ACHCA?

Quality Outcomes are linked to professional association membership and participation – read this!

Membership in ACHCA provides a wealth of education, networking, and industry-wide information to help you in your career. Here is a brief overview of what you will receive as a member:

  • Membership in a state chapter of your choice – As the “arm” of ACHCA, we encourage our members to get involved in their state chapters! The states offer ongoing education opportunities, networking events, and additional leadership opportunities. You will get out of ACHCA what you put into it, so contact your state chapter today!
  • Registration discounts at ACHCA’s Annual Convocation and Expo
  • Access to our online communities – This members-only network lets you connect and collaborate with your colleagues online. You will also have access to our online member directory. Please note: We protect the privacy of all our members and do not sell or distribute our membership lists to anyone outside of our organization.
  • Advancement to Fellow status (FACHCA) – This membership status signifies your commitment to professional growth and your efforts to improve the profession.
  • Access to ACHCA digital E-news
  • Career Resources – ACHCA’s online employment resource lists career opportunities both nationally and internationally. Career Link allows you to search for positions available by title, salary, or state.
  • Members receive a discounted membership rate for AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine
  • Members receive a discounted rate for the global Montessori certification called CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional (*discount applies to the application and the online six-hour seminar). The certification is sponsored by the International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (ICCDP).


Tailor your ACHCA Experience to your needs and build a network that supports your goals!  

Review the membership descriptions and dues below, and select the membership status that best suits your career arc.  ACHCA is here to support you from student to AIT to Assistant Administrator, Administrator, and beyond!  

If you are a new member - 


If you prefer to mail a hard copy application, download the membership application.   Be sure to mail the printed application, with payment, to the   Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC address.

If you are renewing your ACHCA membership -


If you prefer to mail a check payment, download a renewal membership application, and send us your renewal payment by postal mail.  Hard copy applications, with membership payments, must be sent to the Lockbox address.  If your membership has lapsed over two months, send an e-mail to [email protected] for reinstatement. 

Questions about your eligibility or how to apply for membership?  Send us an e-mail.

NOTE:  Memberships are non-refundable.

Voting Memberships

  • Professional:: Membership Dues:  $310
    • Those persons who are professionally qualified by licensure, certification, or experience, serving as administrators or executives in long-term care administration, and accountable for ensuring that quality of care is provided in long-term care, residential care, and post-acute care setting(s).
  • Emerging Professional::  Membership Dues:  $205
    • Individuals that have obtained their licensure or are professionally qualified for two years or less.  
  • Academic:: Membership Dues:  $175
    • Those persons that hold full-time academic positions in a graduate or undergraduate program in a post-acute and aging services long-term care health-related field at an accredited college or university, but are not currently practicing as administrators in the field, seeking Continuing Education (CE) credits.  
  • Retired::  Membership Dues:  $100
    • Current voting members of continuous 5+ years, who have retired from healthcare administration and are at least 55 years of age. Must submit a statement of attestation for proof of retirement with no remuneration for administrative services.
  • Retired Fellow:: Membership Dues:  $80
    • Current voting members who have been a Fellow in good standing of 5+ years, are 55+ years of age and have retired from healthcare administration. Must submit a statement of attestation of proof of retirement with no remunerations for administrative services.

Non-Voting Memberships 

  • Academic:: Membership Dues:  $125
    • Similar to the Academic (voting) membership.  Those individuals in academia that do not seek Continuing Education (CE) credits.
  • Administrator in Training::  Membership Dues: $45
    • Individuals actively enrolled in, or pursuing, an AIT internship, or program, in long-term care administration and do not meet the qualifications established for Voting Members. *This membership is for one 12-month period only.  
  • Student*::  Membership Dues: $25
    • Individuals seeking entry to the post-acute and aging services profession at an accredited college or university are eligible for this membership. Eligibility for this membership -- you must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program in health services administration or related administrative field that leads to a bachelor's degree or higher*Along with the application, proof of enrollment is required for this membership (see below).  Individuals licensed as administrators or executives in long-term care administration are not eligible for this membership. Student status is limited to five years.   
  • Business Affiliate::  Membership Dues: $250
    • Individuals seeking to connect with leaders in the post-acute and aging services profession, who are committed to the mission of ACHCA and whose membership in ACHCA may enhance business connections and increase brand awareness. This membership is ideal for those who do not wish to commit to a specific sponsorship level throughout the year but wish to gain access to ACHCA resources and learn more about the College.  Apply online.

Important to Note:  Applicants for the student membership will be in a "pending" status until enrollment verification is received.  Send ACHCA membership one (1) official school document from the following list: 

  • Photo of current student ID
  • Transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Current year class schedule
  • Enrollment verification from Registrar
  • Enrollment verification from Professor