Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award

Eli PickThe Facility Leadership Award was introduced in 2008 by one of ACHCA’s most revered leaders, the late Eli Pick. A former executive director of the Ballard Rehabilitation Center, DesPlaines, IL for over 30 years, Eli embodied excellence as an Administrator that cared for his residents, their families, and his community.  

Eli worked with his colleague, John Sheridan of eHealth Data Solutions, to develop an awards program that uses data-driven criteria to objectively identify high-performing skilled nursing facilities and the leaders who make them excel.

Today, Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award recipients are identified using publicly collected data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) QM and Survey Data, which is pulled and evaluated by an independent third party.  Administrators of those high-performing SNFs are celebrated and honored during ACHCA’s national awards ceremony held at ACHCA's annual Convocation and Exposition.

The Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award (EPFLA) is a pre-selected award.  The ACHCA Awards Subcommittee sends a notification letter by U.S. Mail to facilities identified as eligible to receive the award.  Administrators must attest their eligibility.  Notification letters arrive at eligible facilities in early January.  

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The current administrator has been the administrator of record for the full 2019 calendar year.
  • No survey (Health, Fire Safety and Complaint) in the past three years with a citation above “E” in Scope and Severity 
  • Occupancy of at least 80% as defined by CMS Survey report
  • At least two CMS 4-quarter average QM score equal to or better than the top quartile for the USA for the Quality Measures listed below:

    1. Short Stay Pain – Less than 1.000%
    2. Long Stay Pain – Less than or equal to 1.000%
    3. Short Stay Pressure Ulcers – Less than or equal to 0.325%
    4. Long Stay Pressure Ulcers – Less than or equal to 4.610%
    5. Long Stay UTI – Less than or equal to 1.800%
    6. Short Stay Psychotropic Meds – Less than or equal to 1.260%
    7. Long Stay Psychotropic Meds – Less than or equal to 12.700%
    8. Short Stay % Improvement in Function – Greater than or equal 68.49%
  • Avoidance of Special Focus Facility status
  • To receive the award, all of the above conditions must be met


The Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award is a distinction of significance. Only 7% of facilities nationwide qualify.   For more information about the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award, and to view a breakdown by state of the Eli Pick facility qualifiers, click here.  To view the 2019 EPFLA award finalists, click here for a list of facility names, sorted by state, with CCN numbers. 

IMPORTANT:  It's important to note that receipt of a letter is the first step towards confirming eligibility for the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award.  Administrators must attest to their eligibility and confirm their recognition preference.  

Questions can be sent via e-mail to [email protected].