ACHCA's Awards Program

The ACHCA Awards program is an opportunity to recognize individuals with demonstrated contributions and exceptional commitment to ACHCA and the field of post-acute and aging services leadership.

The Awards Subcommittee ensures that all ACHCA awards and scholarships have objective eligibility criteria and follow a fair, credible process.  Awards are issued at the individual, chapter/district, student, and facility level.  Each year, nominees include new and seasoned administrators, members and non-members, business partners, chapters and districts, and other leaders.  Facility leadership excellence is recognized through the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award (EP-FLA).  Administrators of high-performing skilled nursing facilities and leaders are eligible for this award.  All approved award candidates are celebrated and honored during the national awards ceremony at ACHCA’s annual Convocation.  

Awards & Scholarships

ACHCA Individual and Partner and Chapter/District Achievement Awards

  • Click here to view descriptions and eligibility requirements for ACHCA Individual and Partner Awards and Chapter/District Achievement Awards.

Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award

The Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award (EP-FLA) is a pre-selected award.  The ACHCA Awards Subcommittee establishes criteria based on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) QM and Survey Data.  A notification letter will be sent by U.S. Mail to facilities identified as eligible to receive the award.  Administrators must attest their eligibility.  Notification letters should arrive at eligible facilities in early January.  For more information about the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award, please click here.

ACHCA Scholarships

ACHCA believes that the quality of care and life in a Long Term Care Facility or Senior Housing begins with the Administrator’s quality of education. Therefore, ACHCA strongly encourages early career Administrators and students to apply for scholarships.  Available ACHCA scholarships include:

Past ACHCA Award Winners: