Recently the ACHCA Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Professional Advancement Committee determined that the CNHA and CALA exams shall be discontinued.  ACHCA will no longer offer the Certified Nursing Home Administrator (CNHA) and the Certified Assisted Living Administrator (CALA) exams.

Individuals who have previously earned these credentials will be able to keep them and renew them.  Those who have earned the CNHA and CALA credential, whether singly or as a component of multiple credentials, may maintain their status by renewing it every five years as they do now, with the only change being that these credentials can no longer be renewed by taking the exams. The Executive Portfolio or Executive Level Course may be utilized for renewing credentials. *See the link for the Professional Recertification Application below.

Several factors contributed to the discontinuation of the certification exams. A critical decline in interest in these credentials, trends in post-acute health care delivery, negligible candidates for test taking (only one person has taken and passed the CNHA exam in 2019), and a lack of methodology to demonstrate the value of these credentials contributed to the decision. Our current practice analysis, the blueprint upon which the exams are based, is extremely outdated.  Added to these factors is the hard reality that the maintenance of the credentials places a significant financial burden on the entire certification program. The financial estimate to do a new practice analysis and reinvigorate the program is far in excess of our organization's ability to manage.

Changes reflecting the discontinuation of the CNHA and CALA credentials will appear on the ACHCA website and in the Certification Candidate Handbook.


Professional Recertification Application

Professional Recertification Application — As of October 1, 2013, ACHCA requires the submission of the Executive Portfolio at the time of recertification application submission.

It is highly recommended that you have your CE Executive Portfolio and signed Affidavit completed prior to beginning this application. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]