ACHCA Bylaws


The American College of Health Care Administrators is a nonprofit corporation governed by the DC Nonprofit Corporation Act of 2010, as the same may be amended or supplemented (the “Act”). These Bylaws serve as a supplement to the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation.


Section 1. Name

The name of the Corporation is the American College of Health Care Administrators, referred to hereafter as “ACHCA” or the “Corporation.”

Section 2. Pledge

The Officers and members of ACHCA subscribe to the Code of Ethics and pledge to honor always and in all circumstances the human dignity of the persons entrusted to their care and to strive continuously and relentlessly to meet the total needs of the person by caring for the individual as a total being and to hold above all other considerations the sacred trust reposed in them by the aging, the infirm, the ill, and the disabled.

Section 3. Purposes / Objectives

The purposes and objectives of the Corporation are as outlined in the ACHCA Articles of Incorporation.


Section 1. Classifications

The membership of the Corporation shall be split into two classifications: Voting and Non-Voting. Each classification shall be under such terms, benefits, conditions of eligibility, and categories of membership as established by these Bylaws or otherwise directed by the ACHCA Board of Directors. Non-Voting members shall not be considered “members” for purposes of Section 29-401.02(24) of the Act. All Voting and Non-Voting members must be members of a chapter(s). Those individuals who have been recognized as Voting Members prior to the effective date of these Bylaws shall retain that status, provided that dues and all obligations of membership prior to this date of amendment are satisfied. Members may request a change in their classification or category of membership at the time of their annual renewal if they are eligible and meet all requirements. Individuals eligible for a Voting Membership shall not be permitted to select a non-voting membership.

a.) Voting Members shall be those persons who are professionally qualified by licensure, certification, education, and/or experience, to serve as executives or academics in long term care administration, and who are accountable for ensuring that quality of care is provided in long term care, residential care, and/or post-acute care setting(s).

Voting Members shall have full membership in ACHCA. Full membership benefits include eligibility to vote for Directors and on all matters submitted to a vote of the membership, to be eligible for election or appointment to the ACHCA Board of Directors or the boards of directors of ACHCA chapters, and to serve on ACHCA and chapter committees/task groups. Only Voting Members may advance to Fellow of ACHCA as provided by these Bylaws.

b.) Non-Voting Members shall be those individuals or providers of health care related products or services or who have an interest in long-term health care quality and administration but do not meet the qualifications established for Voting Members. Non-Voting Members are ineligible to vote for Directors or vote on any matter submitted for a vote of the membership, to hold office in ACHCA or in an ACHCA chapter, or serve on the ACHCA Board, but, if appointed, may serve on chapter boards of directors, and on chapter/national committees/task groups. Non-Voting Members are ineligible to advance to Fellow of ACHCA. The Board may provide for further categorization of Non-Voting Members.


View, and read, the complete ACHCA Bylaws — amended by the majority of the voting membership in March 2024.