The ACHCA Education department strives to provide outstanding educational opportunities through national conferences and meetings, and independent study programs.

Learner Directed Educational Activities (Self-Study Programs):  Click here for current webinars.  Webinars are NAB approved.  

Using learner evaluations of the self-study programs, learner survey results, applicable identified trends, and new long-term care research results, ACHCA determines how the information from these multiple sources can be utilized in future programming. The ACHCA volunteer Education Committee assists staff in recommending educational products or programs that they believe present pertinent, quality information for learner directed programs. Education Committee members also assist our educational efforts by writing self-study post-tests for books recommended for continuing education credit.

To earn CE credit, all self-study programs require the participant to pass a Post Test (70% or above is a passing score). ACHCA adheres to strict guidelines from the CE approval agencies when writing Post Tests. All those submitting a Post Test for grading, must also complete a self-study program evaluation form.

Education Station

The Education Station is an online streaming video education subscription service created to assist long-term care facilities in maintaining compliance with the required mandatory education for new hires and for all staff every year facilities.  The online service was developed by Barbara Speedling, a regular contributor to ACHCA's webinar educational offerings. 

National Conferences and Meetings (Live Presentations):

The educational activities for ACHCA's meetings and annual conferences are organized as a series of presentations and workshops. Each workshop is scheduled for a specific length of time, with learner objectives, teaching methods, and continuing education credits/units (CEs) conforming to agencies requirements. Conference/meeting attendees may choose their educational programs from a list of sessions. ACHCA lists the NAB Domains of Practice and ACHCA Core of Knowledge categories for certification that each session fulfills on the Certificate of Attendance form that all CE recipients receive with their registration packet. Click here for event information.