When you join the American College of Health Care Administrators, you are automatically enrolled in your state chapter or the nearest active chapter in the District. ACHCA chapters form a vital link between local and regional members and the College. ACHCA Chapters provide educational programs, networking and volunteer leadership opportunities in your state.

Below is a list of our current active chapters and their contact information.

Arizona Chapter President (D-5)
Ed Smith
Email: [email protected]

Connecticut Chapter President (D-1)
Elizabeth Schmeizl, FACHCA
Email: [email protected] 
Connecticut Chapter Website

Florida Chapter President (D-4)
Karen Northover, NHA
Email: [email protected]
Florida Chapter Website

Georgia Chapter President (D-4)
Cynlenthia Muniz
Email: [email protected]
Georgia Chapter Website

Indiana Chapter President (D-3)
Alexis Arnold
Email: [email protected]
Indiana Chapter Website

Kentucky Chapter President (D-3)
Jerry Hoganson, LNHA
Email: [email protected]
Kentucky Chapter Website

Maine Chapter President (D-1)
Matthew Trombley, MBA, MLA
Email: [email protected]

Massachusetts Chapter President (D-1)
David L. Bell
Email: [email protected]
Massachusetts Chapter Website | Facebook

Michigan Chapter President (D-3)
Renee L. Beniak, CNHA
Email: [email protected]
Michigan Chapter Website

Mississippi Chapter President (D-6)
Stacy Seay, FACHCA
Email: [email protected]

Missouri Chapter President (D-6)
Kendall R. Brune, Ph.D., FACHCA
Email: [email protected]

New Hampshire Chapter President (D-1)
Ted Purdy
Email: [email protected]
New Hampshire Chapter Website

New Jersey Chapter President (D-2)
Robert Reyes, CNHA, FACHCA
Email: [email protected]
New Jersey Chapter Website

New York Chapter President (D-2)
Keith Chambery, FACHCA 
Email: k[email protected]
New York Chapter Website

North Dakota Roughrider Chapter President (D-5)
Anthony (Tony) Elsperger
Email: [email protected]

Ohio Chapter President (D-3)
Matthew J. Wine
Email: [email protected]

Oklahoma Chapter President (D-5)
Daniel Jessup 
Email: [email protected]
Oklahoma Chapter Website | Facebook

Oregon Chapter President (D-5)
Maggie Hilty
Email: [email protected]

Pennsylvania Chapter President (D-4)
Mary Kender
Email: [email protected]

Rhode Island Chapter President (D-1)
Jennifer Romagnolo
Email: [email protected]

Texas Chapter President (D-6)
Dr. Michael Mileski, FACHCA 
Email: [email protected]
Texas Chapter Website

West Virginia Chapter President (D-3)
Currently in a revitalization stage
Email: [email protected]

ACHCA is currently seeking chapter leaders for California, Illinois, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. If you are interested in a chapter leadership role or starting a chapter in your state, please contact the Membership Team.