Membership Renewal Payments & Options

Renew your ACHCA membership today to continue obtaining your required CEUs for licensure, networking with like-minded colleagues, and accessing career opportunities with CareerLink. Or enjoying discounts on Convocation registration, travel savings, professional and cybersecurity liability insurance, and so much more.





As an ACHCA Member, you have multiple options and payment methods to renew your membership. Renewal rates are the same as your join rate.  Membership chart

Renewing your membership online is as simple as signing in to your profile and clicking on ‘My Profile’ under your name badge. Check your renewal date and click renew via your open invoice.

To keep things nice and easy, our members have the option to Auto Renew using a credit card. Keep in mind that active memberships can only be renewed within 60 days before and after the expiration date.

Renew by Phone:
Call Amanda Charles, Business Operations Manager at 1-800-561-3148, ext. 704
*Send an e-mail to [email protected] with questions or concerns.

Renew by invoice:
Every renewal notification e-mail is delivered to your inbox containing an open invoice.  Click the link embedded in the e-mail to pay.
*Send an e-mail to [email protected] if you don't receive your renewal invoice.

Renew by Mail: (Mail delivery may take up to 14-days to process)
Send payment. (check) to the address below. Send your payment with your invoice, or place the invoice # on your check.

1300 Piccard Drive, Suite LL14
Rockville, MD 20850

Angela Perry, PhD, LNHA, FACHCA

 The ACHCA has been the connective tissue of my career. Valuable and long-lasting professional relationships turned to friendships, access to educational resources, and the opportunity to use my experiences as a gateway to become a Fellow and serve on the Board of Directors." — Angela Perry, PhD., LNHA, FACHCA



ACHCA is the only professional member association that represents YOU, the Administrator in long-term and assisted living care. ACHCA focuses on YOU as the leader managing your team, providing quality care to your residents, and representing your community, NOT the owner/operator.