sb2 Novel Coronavirus Webcast Series

Learn the critical importance of requests for assistance under both CMS & state regulations, and why it really doesn’t matter if your caseworkers ignore them.

Description: Whether a caseworker provides assistance in response to your assistance letter is not the issue. The primary purpose of using requests for assistance is to set up Medicaid eligibility on appeal when a caseworker refuses to provide it. CMS and most states have very helpful regulations that allow for Medicaid eligibility even if assets/verifications are unavailable & not provided. To obtain the full protections of these regulations, we must request assistance first, though. (Originally recorded on 4.23.20) Click here for video. 

What you need to know about what has and hasn’t changed in Medicaid eligibility & reimbursement since the President invoked the Stafford Act.

Description: With so much press about 1135 Waivers, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, State Plan Amendments, Appendix K, etc., even single site providers have been experiencing difficulty keeping up. For providers with facilities in 10+ states, it’s been overwhelming. At the end of the day, though, there are only a few changes that really matter when it comes to maintaining an effective Medicaid eligibility & reimbursement program throughout the health crisis. Incorporating these changes & adhering to the status quo as much as possible will prove the most beneficial when the attendant & mandated audits take place after crisis ends. (Originally recorded on 4.16.20)  Click here for video. 

Using current CMS Regulations & Inaction Appeals to obtain presumptive eligibility during the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Description: Although states passed on CMS’s offer to use 1135 waivers to allow providers to obtain presumptive Medicaid eligibility (PME) for residents during the current health crisis, providers can still obtain PME by using existing CMS Regulations & Inaction Appeals. The webcast will focus on how & when to use Inaction Appeals. (Originally recorded on 4.9.20)  Click here for video. 

1135 Waivers, Presumptive Medicaid Eligibility & Follow Up Audits/Recoupments

Description: Over the next several weeks, we’re going to see numerous 1135 waivers related to Medicaid eligibility & processing/payment of claims. Although these measures are critical to your ability to provide care & services to those impacted by COVID-19, they also come with attendant audits & recoupments. The webcast will focus on how to prepare for & avoid the harsh consequences of these audits & recoupments. (Originally recorded on 3.26.20)  Click here for video.