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The importance of being a home health care provider has risen in the past years – so much that in the next ten years, 1.1 million people will be working on it. Although it is assumed that only people in bed are cared for, homecare providers provide services to so many patients.

For example, homebound patients can't leave their homes without an assistive device. So, having a homecare provider can be helpful. Patients that suffer from memory loss or other cognitive impairments also need 24/7 assistance. And, people diagnosed with a new disease might benefit from the support homecare providers offer.

Being a homecare provider helps people feel more comfortable in their surroundings, letting them be present without going to appointments or traveling unnecessarily. To provide the best help for your patient, homecare providers need to know the tools they need in their day-to-day practice. Read on to learn a bit more about the most commonly used ones.

  1. Scrubs

This might be straightforward, but having this piece of clothes will help you be cleaner and ready for work while being sanitary. Try to go with one different for each patient just in case. Scrubs are more than a uniform. They’re designed to have the right pockets and materials to help healthcare workers at the top of their performance.

  1. Traveling Bag

Having a bag that’s ready to hit the road is a must-have. It gives the advantage of having everything stored in an organized way for you to reach out while being out of the house. Keep in mind, try to find one with multiple pockets and velcro straps to help to stabilize while being in the car.

  1. Pill Crusher

This one is explanatory, but sometimes elderly patients can have difficulty swallowing pills. This tool is the best way to help them take their medication. Some pill grinders can help turn specific drugs into powders that can be dissolved into drinks.

  1. Scanner Thermometer

To help your patient while on their rest time, having a tool like this will be essential as they won’t be disturbed, and you can check their temperature throughout the day.

  1. Non-Rise Cleaner

Mobility is the hardest thing a patient can deal with, so keeping them clean can be a difficult task for both parties. Having a cleanser that is non-rise helps them be fresh and clean without having to move them too much. Try to buy one that is alcohol-free to help balance the pH on your patient’s skin.

  1. Disposable Underpad

Caring for an incontinent patient is sometimes the hardest in this role, like cleaning and changing them will take too much. Not to mention that this not being done can irritate their skin and cause other problems. Disposable underpads are a must for a homecare provider, particularly for those caring for elderly patients.
Geraldine Orentas is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with stethoscope distributor, Stethoscop.com

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