Pre-Conference Program (5 CEs)
Monday, March 21, 2022   8:30am-3:30pm

Education Sessions include:  American Leadership in WWII, Q&A session with ACHCA veterans, Beyond the Boundaries video, and tour of WWII museum.

ACHCA Member: $100 | Non-Member: $125

Leadership in WWII: Lecture will focus on top leaders in the American government, military, and private sector, showing how key leaders contributed to American victory through political, military, and economic strategies and decisions taken from boardrooms to the battlefields.

Superior leadership was an absolute necessity for victory in World War II, and had to be exercised by Americans ranging from the President as Commander in Chief down to enlistees in the military and even civilians far from the front lines. Familiar names such as Roosevelt, Marshall, Eisenhower, Nimitz, and LeMay all made huge decisions that set the stage for victory, ranging from grand strategy to utilizing intelligence to when to give the order to attack. But there were many other great examples of leadership from lesser known names such as Woody Williams, Andrew Higgins, Leo Szilard, and Dick Winters that also showcase great leadership in arenas far from the realm of generals and admirals.