Keynote Presentation


Susan Misiorski will present Creating a Culture of Retention: Getting to the Roots of the Workforce Shortage

Everyone aims to deliver high quality, person- centered care, yet without the people to fill these jobs, and the funding to sustain the broader long term care system, achieving this goal is impossible.  Across the country, employers are struggling to find and keep enough direct care workers to meet consumer needs.  With increasing frequency, there are stories of providers who have closed units and halted the acceptance of new residents due to worker shortages.  It's time for a different conversation, and a different approach!  This keynote presentation will  explore multiple facets of the workforce crisis including facts and trends, the prevailing business model and its impact on job quality, and innovative practices that have demonstrated results in the areas of recruitment, retention, and the structure of the CNA/ RA job.  The impact of nurses and leaders will also be addressed within an empowerment framework to create quality jobs for a stable and effective LTC workforce.

Executive leader with two decades of experience providing education and consultation to improve quality of care and quality of jobs across the continuum of long term care services. National client base includes residential skilled/subacute centers, assisted living, home and community based employers, state survey agencies, national associations and other stakeholders seeking to improve the wellbeing of long term care clients and the workers who support them.
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