Access to Excellence

Bellarmine University and ACHCA have entered into a partnership to provide ACHCA members discounts of 15 to 20 percent for a degree, certificate, and customized educational training programs.  These programs will enhance the development of ACHCA members by offering education to meet the professional needs of ACHCA members, and to address such challenges to achieve education or workforce development goals.


^*The above chart shows the updated tuition rates for Bellarmine University's Doctoral, Masters and Special programs, which we believe will further the professional development of our members.

Click here to view all of BU's graduate programs + tuition rates. 

Bellarmine’s high-quality online education allows the University to expand its reach without forfeiting the tight-knit communities of learning that its students remember long after they leave. ACHCA members can advance their career without stepping back from their busy schedule. 

View the credit hours, costs, contact information, and start dates by clicking here.

^*ACHCA members will need to indicate membership on the program application.  If applying by phone, mention membership to the Graduate Admission Officer to ensure your discount is applied to your account.  The percentage of discount will remain the same as tuition increases on an annual basis.  ACHCA membership will be verified by ACHCA National in collaboration with Bellarmine.