2024 Individual Award Recipients

Distinguished Nursing Home Administrator   Russell C. Schwartz, FACHCA
Distinguished Assisted Living Administrator   Michael Lacasse, FACHCA
Distinguished Service   Mitchell Teller, FACHCA
New Nursing Home Administrator   Jamie L. Sanford
New Assisted Living Administrator   Kendra A Mayall
ACHCA Outstanding Member   Leah Klusch, FACHCA
AIT Preceptor   Robert J. Reyes, CNHA, FACHCA
Public Service   Richard E. Gamache, FACHCA

Kris B. Harmony

Journalism   Kevin Hansen Ph.D., FACHCA (Posthumous Recipient)
Mentor   Norda A. Bellantoni, CNHA Retired Emeritus, Retired FACHCA


2024 Partner Award Recipients

Business Partner Award   Link-age Solutions, Inc.
Champion Award   Broad River Rehab


Chapter/District Achievement Award Recipients

  • Connecticut ACHCA; Project/Initiative: Breakfast with the Board (Chapter President (D-1): Erica Roman)
  • Massachusetts ACHCA; Project/Initiative: ECHOES from Administrators (Chapter President (D-1): David Bell, FACHCA)
  • Wisconsin ACHCA (Upper Midwest); Project/Initiative: Chapter Revitalization (Chapter President (D-6): Natalie K. McMurry, NHA)
  • Texas State University Student Society; Project/Initiative: Reducing Social Isolation (RSI): A Community-based, intergenerational, multicultural program. (Faculty Advisor (D-8): Dr. Keya Sen)

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