Were you unable to join us in New Orleans for the 2022 Convocation & Expo?  Or did you attend Convocation but had to choose between two great concurrent sessions?

We want to offer you a second chance at Convocation 2022! We are offering a Virtual Post Convocation this August, where attendees will receive up to 15 NAB-approved CE and will have the opportunity to network with our virtual vendors and attend a live member forum. Speakers will include Beth Baerman, Denise Boudreau, Paul Falkowski, Leah Klusch, Kris Mastrangelo, Maureen McCarthy, Mark McDavid, Lisa Thomson, Kathleen Weissberg, and Dr. David G. Wolf(additional information below). Registration is $150 for ACHCA Members and $200 for Non-Members.  Additional information will be sent to registrants prior to the August 17, 2022 start. 

Exhibitors can participate with a virtual booth-exhibitor listing, logo, flyer, web and social media links, and contact information.  Exhibitors will receive an attendee email list for marketing purposes. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available at different price points. 

Attendee Registration: www.achca.org/2022virtualreg  

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Beth Baerman:  Increasing Engagement and Retention through Scheduling:

With average nurse turnover above 30% and CNA turnover double that organizations need help. Involvement in scheduling and shift selection can boost employee engagement and retention, while helping to make your organization an employer of choice. Learn key engagement and retention factors, how they relate to scheduling, and what key scheduling improvements provide measurable results. Then explore how to assess your staffing environment for changes that will provide the largest return for you and evaluate options for automation that can enable success.

Beth Baerman is Director of Compliance & Communications for Attendance on Demand and is an expert in time and labor management.

David G. Wolf, PhD, CNHA, CALA, CAS, FACHCA:  -How to Read & Understand your Facility’s Financial Statements:

An organization’s financial statements reveal its fiscal health. Financial statements demonstrate the results of operations and provide valuable information used by decision-makers to monitor performance and determine optimal strategies, investments, and modifications for continued growth.

Dr. David G. Wolf is  the Professor and Program Coordinator of the Health Care Management Program in the College of Business and Management at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Denise Boudreau:  Secrets Your Employees Aren’t Telling You

Ever wonder what your team members are saying about your organization when you aren't around? It’s not what you think! Benefit from the insightful feedback of thousands of employees who have shared what goes right in their organization, and what could go better. Guaranteed the same bright spots and downsides can be found in your own organization and that they are impacting your customers’ experience as well as your bottom line! Once you find out the secrets, learn the essential actions to address them and positively impact satisfaction, engagement, finances and clinical outcomes and your bottom line.

Denise Boudreau is President of Drive, which helps organizations improve the resident and staff experience, and the bottom-line, through a values-based culture.

Kathleen Weissberg: Bullying Among Older Adults: Not Just a Playground Problem: 

While the communal-living nature of senior living communities opens doors for socialization and friendship, it can be the location of cliques, gossip, abuse, and bullying. Estimates suggest 10-20% of older adults in senior living are mistreated by peers, and often behaviors go unreported or unnoticed by staff. Bullying is not just exhibited on the playground:  it is a behavior that spans multiple demographics and age groups. In this session, participants learn the definition and incidence of bullying among seniors.

Dr. Kathleen Weissberg, as National Director of Education for Select Rehabilitation, provides continuing education support to over 17,000 therapists, nurses, and administrators nationwide.

Kris Mastrangelo:  The Great 8 :

This session will outline the top 8 areas leaders need to know to enhance quality of care and improve efficiencies and preserve/progress financial integrity and operational performance. This session will empower learners to prioritize responsibilities, assess systems refinement and meet stakeholder needs while upholding the commitment to provide high quality person-centered    care to the organization’s patients

Kris Mastrangelo currently owns and operates Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) which she founded in 2001. Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) is a recognized consulting firm that uses a systematic approach in addressing the C.A.R.E.S. platform.

Leah Klusch, FACHCA: MDS 3.0 Update- What Will Be New October 1, 2022:

All skilled facilities will be involved with the structural and item content changes to the MDS 3.0-impacting the process Oct 1, 2022. This dataset update was planned for 2020 but delayed by the COVID-19emergency. This session will identify the new and changed data items as well as the implications for PDPM payment calculations. A must do session for operational and clinical managers as well as corporate management.

Leah Klusch, RN, BSN, FACHCA, Executive Director of The Alliance Training Center, an educational foundation focused on geriatric care issues and the author of published articles in industry journals, trade publications, books, and lectures nationally on current industry topics.

Lisa Thomson:  Unique Challenges of the Health Care Workforce: New Strategies for New Demands:

The value of the health care workforce is typically discussed in terms of operational and clinical outcomes including shortages, recruitment, and retention.  The impact is even more expansive, encompassing quality,outcomes, organization data, to name a few.  This engaging presentation walks attendees through the unique challenges of today’s health care workforce and five key strategies for leaders as they embrace the new demands faced while enhancing recruitment and retention efforts for positive outcomes.

Lisa Thomson is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Pathway Health Services.  She has over 30 years’ experience in the post-acute and long-term care arena as well as other healthcare settings

Maureen McCarthy:  Why the Right Diagnosis Code Matters to Your Revenue: What Your MDS Team Should Be Doing:

Diagnosis coding has become integral to SNF reimbursement under PDPM. While effective diagnosis identification, capture and coding have influence on your revenue cycle; these concepts are a significant concern for compliance plans. This session will explore best practices to ensure your team is selecting correct and compliant diagnosis codes.

Maureen McCarthy is  President and CEO of Celtic Consulting; recognized as a luminary amongst long-term care providers for Reimbursement, Regulatory matters, Operational Efficiency, Education and Litigation Support.

Mark McDavid:  Six Hidden Pitfalls in Therapy Contracts:

Whether you are changing therapy contractors, renewing a current contract, or considering an in-house conversion, there are hidden pitfalls you should look out for to ensure that you receive the best possible contract for your facility and residents. Understanding your current contract and knowing what to negotiate can save you money and frustration. This presentation is designed to give you concrete recommendations to help you identify and avoid those hidden pitfalls, help the provider mitigate risk, and create the best possible scenario for your facility’s future opportunities.

Mark McDavid is a dynamic presenter who can make complicated topics accessible to all. His laid-back presentation style is engaging, approachable, and informative.

Paul Falkowski :  Someone Just for Me:

Professionals working in nursing homes know the effects of social isolation. Creating intimate relationships takes time and commitment. You will learn critical components for creating authentic relationships, how to recruit, screen, and train companion volunteers. Finally, we’ll look at the transformational power companion volunteers have on the people you serve, the people serving them, the volunteers themselves, and your surrounding community.

Paul Falkowski, PhD, is a gifted presenter and advocate for improving resident quality of life through increased community engagement addressing social isolation and loneliness.