ACHCA 2021 Election Online Voting is Open!

The 2021 ACHCA Election online voting opened on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 (6:00 am eastern).  The voting cycle will be held open for 21 days; closing on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 (11:59 pm, eastern).  Election Campaigning Guidelines.

Voting Members will receive an e-mail with instructions on using the online ballot.  Voting member categories include the following:

  • Professional/Professional (Group)
  • Emerging Professional/Emerging Professional (Group)
  • Academic (Voting)
  • Retired/Retired Fellow
  • Fellow Emeritus
  • Life Member

For reference and review, you can view the nominees for the 2021 ACHCA Election - General Membership below. [Nominating Committee | At-Large Director | District Directors]

Voting members who do not have an e-mail address listed in their profile were mailed information on requesting a paper ballot.  Please note that if your e-mail has recently changed, you will need to send an e-mail to [email protected].  Voting members without an e-mail address listed within their profile can contact [email protected] to receive information to vote online.  

All votes must be cast by midnight Eastern time on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

For questions on casting your vote, please send an e-mail to [email protected].


Nominating Committee, (2-year term; 2021-2023): *The membership can vote for up to 3 candidates.  There are three (3) candidates.  

Kenneth Huhn, FACHCA

Richard Gamache, FACHCA





Mark A. Jacobs, FACHCA




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At-Large Director, ACHCA Board, (3-year term; 2021-2024):  *The membership can vote for up to two (2) candidates.  There are four (4) candidates.

Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld, Ph.D., FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  COVID-19 has dramatically changed the landscape for post-acute care service delivery in the US. Attempts to malign the image of administrators need to be balanced with professional association initiatives to tell the story of long-term care heroes working tirelessly to ensure quality of care and safety of long-term care residents. New opportunities exist for support of practicing administrators, as well as recruitment and training of new members of the long-term care administration field.

As a licensed administrator, long-term member and fellow of ACHCA, I have been active in the development of student ACHCA chapters at colleges and universities with diverse student populations, as well as mentoring individuals from the start of their academic career through completion of their AIT and the start of their longterm care administrator career. I have also been an advocate for creating a positive image of the long-term care community through my academic textbook publications and research, and recently through my published interviews with the media and social media communications.

As an at-large member of ACHCA, my focus would be on the long-term care workforce with a focus on inclusion of diverse groups, new online education, mentoring and networking opportunities, and expanding knowledge of ACHCA’s brand through the creative use of social media outlets. It is urgent that we step forward and address the ongoing challenges of providing long-term care services and supports. Your support of my candidacy will ensure that ACHCA moves forward to support our long-term care workforce in creative new ways.

Blair Quasnitschka, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  Thank you for taking the time to consider my application amongst the panel for this critical leadership position on ACHCA's National Board. My calling to SERVE our seniors began in 2007 and soon after realized I had the opportunity to impact our industry in a larger way - supporting my fellow Administrators, thanks to ACHCA. I served on CT's local Chapter Board as a Director, Vice President, President, and Immediate Past President - to this day I credit my growth to the leaders I met through this Chapter. I have served as a National Director for ACHCA for the past three years. I was asked to and successfully Chaired an IT Task Force focused on revamping the ACHCA website and overall online experience and platforms we hold. I have also served in the ACHCA Mentor Program for the past two years.

My current role as a CCRC Executive Director allows me exposure to the challenges of both nursing home and assisted living operations. Part of our future as an organization should include bolstering our support and presence in the AL sector, which ACHCA does represent but lacks in membership. I have 14 years of industry experience in single and multi-site operations, in multiple States, in varied healthcare settings, and with deep roots in the ACHCA organization. I will strive to support our industry and its leadership through acting as a voice for our membership and a mentor to those we can grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

Cydney Bare, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement: ACHCA has played an important role in my career as an Administrator. The value of the friendships, networking opportunities, education and professional support cannot be matched by any other Professional Organization. Now, is a particularly important time for our Profession. We are managing a pandemic under less than ideal circumstances and need to work together to support each other while we care for a population of people who need the most support and care. I have previously served ACHCA on both the State and the National level and would like to again become a part of the Leadership team for this wonderful organization. I feel my knowledge of the industry in multiple areas across the post-acute spectrum will help guide ACHCA as we continue to support Leaders in a most important profession.
Kevin Hansen, Ph.D., FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement: I have been involved in the activities of ACHCA in several ways over the past eight years. From chairing committees and serving on others, to working with ACHCA externally with emerging leaders through the National Emerging Leadership Summit, I am hoping to take my service to ACHCA to the next level by serving as an at-large board member. In doing so, I hope to continue and advance work that entices students to attend Convocation and consider membership in ACHCA as future leaders for the profession, and I’m hopeful that service on the board will help coordinate efforts related to certification for administrators who wish to advance their career to the next stage.
I have also been involved with NAB, LeadingAge, and the quality award process through AHCA/NCAL, and I am hopeful my connections and relationships established with those organizations will prove beneficial to the work of ACHCA, its committees, and potential, innovative partnerships that might be pursued to draw new members to the College over time. I also hope that my prior experience as an attorney, and my current experience as a faculty member in a health services administration (senior living leadership) academic program will also prove useful to the overall work of the Board. Thank you for considering me among the slate of excellent candidates that will no doubt seek to serve on the ACHCA Board of Directors.
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District 3 Director (3-year term: 2021-2024) represents members in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia   *Only members located in District 3 may vote on this ballot question. 

Israel S. Ray, CNHA, FACHCA (Unopposed)
Candidate's Position Statement: As a past chapter president of the Kentucky Chapter of ACHCA and a member for the past 11 years,  I have learned the true value of the College.  The College has afforded me to learn from and network with some of our best and brightest Administrators and CEOs in the country. All too often many administrators isolate themselves to their own island. Now more than ever, it is imperative to continually learn from other administrators that have been through some of the same challenges that we go through each day. If selected for a second term as District 3 Director, I will continue to utilize strategies that I have learned from other great leaders in the College to help build, edify, and support our chapter's leadership and our National Board. It has been an honor and privilege to serve. 

District 4 Director (3-year term: 2021-2024) represents members in the following states:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, DC, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia *Only members located in District 4 may vote on this ballot question.  

Helaine Ledany, CNHA, FACHCA (Unopposed)
Candidate's Position Statement: I am answering the call for candidates to the national board as I feel it is my time to step up and “give back” to the College. Membership in ACHCA has made a difference in my life and I am forever grateful to my ACHCA friends and mentors who encouraged and guided me in my career. I have been a member of ACHCA since 1999 and served as President of the NJ Chapter. ACHCA honored me with the 2017 Distinguished Administrator Award and as Administrator of Buckingham at Norwood in New Jersey, I received several Eli Pick Leadership Awards.
Over the years I have been active in ACHCA serving on the Nominating, Awards and Professional Advancement Committees, Mentoring program, and as an Item Writer for the Certification Exam. At Convocation and Winter Marketplace I presented programs on a variety of topics and also volunteered as a session monitor. On the state level, I sit on the NJ Ombudsman’s LTC Ethics Consortium and serve on the NJ Long Term Care Leaders Coalition. In 2012 I participated in the ACHCA Leadership Training in Dallas in order to develop and better serve our NJ chapter and contribute to our national efforts.
Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our elder and I believe my talents, expertise, and experience will benefit our ACHCA mission. Thank you for your consideration.