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Much like the ACHCA Foundation before it, The Academy of Long Term Care Leadership and Development strives to be the premier resource for advancing leadership excellence in health and aging services administration. Through education, leadership development, and research, The Academy will guide our field into the future and play a major role in informing today’s leaders and shaping those of tomorrow.

The American College of Health Care Administrators, a 501c3 organization, is the sole professional association dedicated to serving the long term care leader.  Your tax-deductible support is needed to enable The College to provide education of the highest caliber; local, national, and online networking opportunities; professional development resources; and a national voice for the long term care leader.

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The Richard Thorpe Catalyst Fund

This fund was initially created by an anonymous donor that believed the College should be a constant in the lives of Administrators and other aging services professionals; they are providing a resource for those times when a member needs assistance to maintain their connection to ACHCA.  The Fund supports individuals who need assistance paying their dues by providing up to $155 to support membership in the College.  

Maybe there was a time you needed help, and you received it. If you want to pay it forward, in any amount, donate now to this fund to support the development of Administrators across the career arc. 

Help the College, help your colleagues, and know exactly where your support is going: to your Aging Services Colleagues.

A memorial gift offers a special opportunity to remember a deceased family member, friend or colleague with a donation to ACHCA. 

Tribute Gifts
Tributes are a way to honor a friend or family member who is celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, graduation, or professional accomplishment, by making a gift to ACHCA.

Support the Mentoring Program
The quality of the care provided across the spectrum of Post-Acute Care and Aging services continues to rest on our ability to recruit and retain the very finest administrators. ACHCA's mentoring program provides a means to nurture and develop the best talent for the future of Long Term Care. In its fourth year of implementation, the program continues to grow and thrive as it is now expanding from a strictly national program to a district/chapter level focused initiative.

Honored Benefactor
Donating in honor of a Chapter Leader as an Honored Benefactor, your support will help set the course for long term care leadership for decades to come.

Planned Giving
The David B. Oliver Legacy Society was established to create a significant financial base through planned giving to enable ACHCA’s leaders to fulfill the organization’s mission of advancing excellence in long term care leadership.