Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Track (Additional 2.5 hours of CE)

March 22-24, 2022

Full registration package plus additional fee of $100

*Sponsored by:  Signature HealthCARE, LLC

This would be the primary entry point for members wanting to engage in the Performance Improvement Program. Participants learn the tools and roadmaps to clean, define and standardize processes. They would then be able to return to their home facility and undertake projects to systematically stabilize the operations of their organization; reducing operational noise, improving flows, creating a better resident environment and reducing staff stress.

Participants would attend:

  • 30 minute overview e-learning module
  • 1 hour introductory webinar to set expectations
  • Core tools e-learning modules for the tools identified ** in the list below
  • 16 hours of classroom training (at Convocation) to:
    • Review tools
    • Introduce roadmaps and application to real world problems
    • Ensure participants are able to successfully undertake their performance improvement projects
    • Telephone/webex project coaching sessions as needed

Each participant would be expected to have identified one (or more) potential processes to be a target project ahead of classroom training.

Tools/topics include:

  • Standardization roadmap (DMASC)
  • Project Charter**
  • Murphy’s Analysis
  • Detailed (Value Stream) Process Mapping**
  • Identifying and reducing waste
  • 5S**
  • Standard Work Instructions**
  • Basic Control tools, data and graphs**
  • Performance tracking