Eli Pick Facility

Leadership Award   

Nominated Administrators must meet all eligibility requirements to receive the EPFLA, including current ACHCA (voting) membership

Receipt of the nomination letter is the first step towards attesting to your eligibility for the EPFLA.  Nominated Administrators must attest by Friday, January 28, 2022.

The online attestation form can only be submitted once.  Nominated Administrators for the EPFLA that are non-members can join the ACHCA Community to receive the award if all other eligibility requirements are met.

Lapsed members can renew online or send an e-mail to the Membership Team to inquire about their membership status. *Previously granted complimentary professional memberships do not count towards the active membership eligibility requirement. 

IMPORTANT:  You will need your CCN/Provider number to complete the online form.  The number is printed in the eligibility letter you received in the address area.  If your nomination letter is not available, click here for a list of nominated facility names with CCN numbers.  

Send an e-mail to the ACHCA Awards Committee if you have additional questions about the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award or the process of attesting for the award.