AIT/Preceptor Training

In 2013, The National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) in partnership with the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) recognized a need within the industry for trained preceptors to develop future leaders in Long Term Care. During this time, a joint task force was formed to determine the resources needed to accomplish this goal.

Volunteers from all aspects of the long term care industry worked together to form the NAB/ACHCA Administrator in Training manual as well as the four-part digital Preceptor training course.

Click here to learn the AIT and Preceptor requirements for each state.

PLEASE NOTE: While this program is free to use, charging a fee for the use of the course material as a stand-alone program is prohibited.  

The AIT Program Manual is now available! CLICK HERE to access. 

The National AIT Program Manual

The Interactive AIT Program Manual was designed to guide both the Preceptor and the AIT through the internship experience.  The goal of the manual is to: 

1. Provide the AIT with a solid foundation in the exciting field of long term care.

2. Encourage state licensing boards to adopt this manual for their AIT programs.

3. Establish a consistent AIT experience for all future leaders.

The Preceptor Online Module Course

This online training program for Preceptors is divided into four unique modules of education.  Preceptors will be able to earn NAB-approved continuing education (CE) for completion of the modules and the subsequent post-test. Each module will be worth 1.25 NAB-Approved CEs.

Module 1 will focus on the structure of the AIT/Practicum & the role of the Preceptor.

Module 2 will focus on the fostering of a culture of learning.

Module 3 will focus on developing the AIT from a novice to an emerging leader.

Module 4 will move beyond the Domains of Practice and explore other resources to your AIT as your relationship moves towards mentoring.

CLICK HERE to access the online courses. Once creating an account, the courses will become available. To obtain CE, please enter your licensing information after creating an account.

The Career Development Toolkit

This career development kit was created by long-term care and human resource professionals to help aspiring administrators secure an internship and ultimately become successful leaders. To access the toolkit, CLICK HERE.

For more information about the AIT/Preceptor training program or the Career Development Toolkit, please contact NAB at [email protected] or ACHCA at [email protected].