ACHCA 2018 Election Online Voting is Open!

The 2018 ACHCA Election online voting opened on Thursday, February 1, 2018 (6:00 am ET).  The voting cycle will be held open for 21 days; closing on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 (midnight).

Voting Members will receive an e-mail with instructions on using the online ballot.  Voting member categories include the following:

  • Professional/Professional Nexus/Professional (Group)
  • Emerging Professional/Emerging Professional (Group)
  • Academic (Voting)
  • Retired/Retired Fellow
  • Fellow Emeritus
  • Life Member

For reference and review, you can view the nominees for the 2018 ACHCA Election - Board of Directors and General Membership below.

Members who do not have an e-mail address listed in their profile were mailed information on requesting a paper ballot.  Please note that if your e-mail has recently changed, you will need to send an e-mail to  Members without an e-mail address listed within their profile can contact to receive information to vote online.  

All votes must be cast by midnight Eastern time on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

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Vice-Chair, (1-year term; 2018-2019):  
Theresa Sanderson, CNHA, FACHCA (Unopposed)
Candidate's Position Statement:  I became involved in my local chapter of ACHCA in order to develop peer relationships for the purpose of problem solving and support. Very early in my career I had the opportunity to mentor a student from the University of Connecticut. The process of mentoring inspired a passion in me to pass on whatever experience and knowledge I possess to the future leaders of our industry. In the past 22 years I have been the preceptor for numerous students, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching them grow in their profession and fulfill the mission of ACHCA.  The past several years serving on the National Board as both District 1 Director and Secretary/Treasurer has prepared me for the time commitment and skills necessary to fulfill the role of Vice-Chairperson. The last few years of ACHCA have been ones of change. I was involved in the search committees for the last two CEO’s hired. It was my pleasure to be lead for the search committee in 2015-16 and to serve on the search committee this past year. Our profession is constantly changing and adapting to the changing regulations in our industry. ACHCA’s members are the very best in the industry at adapting. I am proud to be part of this organization whose mission is to be the catalyst for excellence in post-acute and aging services leadership. 

Secretary/Treasurer, (1-year term; 2018-2019):  *The Board of Directors will vote for one candidate.

B Daniel Carr, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  I was approached by a member of ACHCA Nominating Committee to serve as the National Secretary/Treasurer.  It has been many years since I served at the National level, but I have never lost the interest in the College.  I have been a member of the College since 1981and participated in chapter, regional and national activities early in my career.  I have continued to be an active member of the Indiana and Ohio chapters but taken more of a backseat role in recent years.  I have seen the organization struggle and also achieve significant accomplishments.  The members of the College have always been the individuals that provided me with support and friendship in my career. I bring to the table 40 years of experience in the long term care field as an administrator.  I understand the challenges that all of us face.  I value what the College provides to me as an administrator.  The most significant challenge to the College is membership and thus finances.... I bring to the table a working understanding of budgeting and financial management.  I understand that it is critical to increase membership.  In the Indiana chapter, we are focused on student development and increasing membership with young administrators.  By creating opportunities for them to grow in the chapter and in their careers, they will be committed to the College for years.  I have always been impressed with the College for the opportunities provided to young people to participate as officers and leaders.  This was true 30 years ago and should be true today.


Philip D. Jean, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  Since becoming a member of ACHCA nearly 18 years ago, my involvement on both the national and chapter level has influenced my career path immensely- both personally and professionally. Just as the health care industry has evolved significantly and continues to change at a rapid pace, so have the needs of our members and profession, which is why ACHCA serves such an important role in the post-acute and aging services continuum. Over the past several years, I have been privileged to serve as the Maine Chapter President, District 1 Director and Director-At-Large, in addition to the ACHCA representative to the Advancing Excellence in Long-Term Care Collaborative and National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB), among other chapter and national level roles. With the introduction of a new President and CEO, I'm particularly excited about the journey that lies ahead as we embark on a number of exciting initiatives and projects and set new milestones and vision for the College. My goals and hopes for ACHCA remain relatively the same from many years ago - build membership and diversity, develop brand loyalty, identify new opportunities to align ACHCA with national partners, serve as a resource for best practices, enhance leadership development and advance the professional certification credential. I look forward to the opportunity to represent ACHCA members as Secretary/Treasurer in support of our mission to be the catalyst of excellence in long term and post-acute care leadership. I appreciate your support of my candidacy.


Nominating Committee, (2-year term; 2018-2020):  *The membership can vote for up to 3 candidates.  There are four (4) candidates.

Kenneth Reynolds, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  As a member of ACHCA for almost 30 years I believe the best days of the College can be ahead of us with the right leadership in place. As a member of the Nominating Committee we vet those who run for office to ensure they meet the qualifications required as a first and important step to ensure our members they are voting for qualified candidates. I would be honored to serve on this important committee.


Molly Savard, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:   My many years of service to the College make me very aware of its need for strong leadership. As a member of the Nomination Committee I will be in a good position to make sure that need is met. It would be an honor to serve the College further.
Terri Golec, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  I have been a member of the College since 1991. During that time I have been actively involved in membership, education, and all facets of the organization, including holding Connecticut Board positions. More recently I have been a National Board member for 9 years. I am completely committed to this organization and would like to be part of the succession planning for the future. This organization is moving in the right direction and it is extremely important to me to ensure the right leadership. Having been the Chair of the committee selecting the current CEO, I feel I possess the motivation to be a participant in the nominating committee.
Tim Dressman, CNHA, CALA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:   I have been actively involved in ACHCA Chapter and National positions since 1990 and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet the most elite members in our profession. They are now life long friends and professional colleagues. I have also been a practicing Administrator for over 27 years. As a Past President and National Chair, I have been afforded the opportunity to meet colleagues across all 50 states and believe this experience can benefit the Nominating Committee in a great way and also serve to help ACHCA continue to identify our future leaders. I would be privileged to continue to serve in an active role in our College.

District Directors, ACHCA Board, (3-year term; 2018-2021):  

District 3 Director represents members in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia 

*Only members located in District 3 may vote on this ballot question.

 Israel Ray, CNHA, FACHCA (Unopposed)
Candidate's Position Statement:  As a past chapter president of the Kentucky Chapter of ACHCA and a member for the past 11 years,  I have learned the true value of the College.  The College has afforded me to learn from and network with some of our best and brightest Administrators and CEO’s in the country. All too often many administrators isolate themselves to their own island. In today’s high paced ever changing health care environment it is imperative to continually learn from other administrators that have already been through some of the same challenges that we go through each day, at the national and local conferences the trainings are top notch. If selected as the District Director for region three (3) I would utilize strategies that I have learned from other great leaders in the College to help build, edify, and support our districts leadership and our national board. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve.

District 4 Director represents members in the following states:  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, DC, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia 

*Only members located in District 4 may vote on this ballot question.  There are two (2) candidates; one (1) open candidacy position.

Jose Luis Rojas Fernandez, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement: I have been involved with ACHCA for over 9 years and have proudly represented NJ as the Treasurer. I was recognized as the NJ New Administrator of the Year in 2013 and am licensed in FL, NJ, PA and NY. Since 2014 I have been practicing in Florida and I have attended several national convocations/WMP, have participated in the camaraderie of administrators and hope to continue encouraging the cohesiveness of our profession. Through my contacts with our colleagues, I will represent district views to the board and relay board initiatives to the members. I feel that my experiences with ACHCA have helped me prepare to represent District 4. It would be an honor and privilege to serves as the District 4 Director and National Board Member.

Michael Barry, CHHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement: I have been an administrator for 11 years and a member of ACHCA since 2007. I am currently serving as District 4 Director as appointed by the board and seeking to be elected for a full term 2018-2021. I achieved certification in 2011 and attained Fellow in 2014. I have served on the GA chapter as treasurer from 2010 to 2012 and chapter VP from 2012 - 2014, chapter president from 2015-2016. My passion and hope for the college is to see an increase in membership and support from regional and national LTC companies to encourage their administrators to become not only members of the college but to become certified and achieve fellow credentials. Certification is “our Bar Association”; it sets us apart from our peers and demonstrates our passion to be the best in health care by demonstrating our expertise in the industry. It is imperative that the college stays in the forefront of education of young and upcoming administrators and continue to provide quality continuing education and leadership development to current administrators. It is also imperative that the college take the lead on legislative issues that are impacting us as administrators now and well into the future. We have great opportunity to grow our membership and certify administrators with our partnership with AHCA. I look forward in continuing to serving the board and to see that the college leads the way developing aspiring administrators and mentor current administrators to be advocates for the elderly we care for.

At-Large Director, ACHCA Board, (3-year term; 2018-2021):  *The membership can vote for up to two (2) candidates.  There are four (4) candidates.

 Blair Quasnitschka, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  I was blessed to be surrounded by active ACHCA members when I became a licensed nursing home administrator 10 years ago. These fine professionals, who I now consider great friends, encouraged me to get involved with this member organization as a way to network, educate myself, and support our industry. I can honestly say it has changed my professional life and I would like nothing more but to continue to give back to an organization that has given me so much. I have been a part of an amazing local Board which has grown membership (up to 3rd highest in the Country), created a very successful Sponsorship Program (we net approximately $20,000 for the past 4 years), host educational and collegial events and rallied support to our National events as well. We have built a successful Chapter on a local level and I would like to bring some of those ideas and momentum to our National Board to contribute wherever I can. I have worked in non-profit, for-profit, high Medicare markets and in centers over 90% serving the Medicaid population. I have mentored AIT's, participated in bundle payment programs, worked along the continuum of care (independent living to skilled nursing), I have worked in single and multi-site operations - I bring a wealth of industry knowledge yet an open mind to continue to learn from my peers and represent our member and industry interests. It would be a great honor to be voted by my peers to this National Board where I can continue to reciprocate the benefits that have been given to me by such a great member group. Thank you for your consideration.
Ronald Lawrence, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:   I feel I am qualified to serve on the Board because of my broad and long term experience in our health care field.   My strengths through the years have been in long range planning and organizational development.  The diversity of my businesses exemplifies these abilities.  It is imperative that all organizations, including ACHCA, adapt to changing business conditions and demands of the marketplace.  In my capacity, I have the time and energy to be an asset to the College.
Rudy Michalek, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  Based on these experiences, I became a Fellow in ACHCA and have become more active in the College as I had done with the State Health Care Associations.  I recognize the needs to grow and strengthen the ACHCA and to that goal, I had been active in our Texas State Chapter as our Treasurer for 5 years and on the By-Laws and Nominating Committees at the State Level.  Nationally, I have been on our By-Laws Committee and served as By-Laws Chair while updating and amending our National By-Laws. For this service, I received the Chair's Award for Extraordinary Service at the 2013 Convocation.  I have been proactive on ways and methods to grow membership, strengthen our Chapters and provide resources to the States for those endeavors.  In the past, I have been a presenter at Convocation and have assisted as a 5 program monitor at several Convocations and Winter Market Place events. In addition, I have been a guest speaker at local community schools and professional organization on broad-ranged health care issues.My working experiences provide a strong base in building businesses and turning around financially weak programs.  Working with and through other Board members and members, we can focus on key priorities to our membership.  This begins by laying out a clear and concise road map for State Chapter Structure and their by-laws. Following this with step-by-step methods of growing membership and providing support with the volume of resources that we can supply to existing and new members. Next, we can strengthen our relationship with other Health Care organizations and companies to enhance our visibility in their eyes.
Steven Smyth, CNHA, FACHCA
Candidate's Position Statement:  I wish to serve on the ACHCA Board of Directors because the long-term care industry and the College are both at very important crossroads. Our industry is facing ever-mounting challenges from diminishing census to lower reimbursement and administrators are forced to be better informed and skilled to achieve the results they need. In the same way, ACHCA is at a critical time in her history. Membership is down and subsequently so are revenues. The College provides so much in terms of education, professional development and support to those in the long-term care field. It is critical those of us who have been around awhile share the knowledge and experience we have gained through our years of service. This is especially true in our need to increase membership and vendor support. To that end, I believe my experience and background, coupled with my desire to give back to the industry, make me an excellent candidate for appointment to the Board. I have worked in large and small facilities, for profit and not-for-profit, free standing and hospital based facilities. I have worked in some very troubled facilities and I have been in very good ones, as well. This varied background provide me a unique skill base from which to draw. Additionally, I have been active in the ACHCA national and local (NY) chapter for several years on various committees. I would love the opportunity to bring my unique skill set and motivation to make a positive change to the ACHCA Board of Directors.